Aussie Dog - Hyena Enrichment Toy ZHY1

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The Hyena Enrichment toy contains a captive food ball only accessible from the front. By reaching in, the animal is able to rotate the ball causing food contained within the ball to be dispensed in limited amounts. The ball is not able to be removed by any animal, and can only be removed by a keeper. Ideal for either hanging or tethered to the ground.

Dried food can be introduced into the ball by rolling the pipe until the shackle retaining the filler tube is uppermost, by removing the shackle and pouring dried food into the tube .

This pipe  can be used by either one animal or several, by reaching inside the animals will rotate the ball causing the dry food to drop out with the animals can retrieve it.

It is very amusing to watch and listen when there are 2 animals working on the toy at the same time, there will be a lot of rolling around and verbal exchange between the 2 animals inside the pipe, the ball is of course between so they cannot injure each other, but this doesn’t stop a vocals passing between the animals as they would do when dining on a carcass in the wild.

The hyena toy can also be suspended or tethered using the chain supplied. Contact us for shipping quote.