Aussie Dog - ZEL Elephant Bungee


Three different versions addressing different Elephant behaviour and enclosure sizes.

ZEL1: 2.2 metres long extending to 3.5 metres. Attach the bungee a minimum of 3.5 metres from the ground. WARNING! Do not stand within 3m of the bungee in operation as it retracts extremely fast and could cause injury. It will with stand approximately 3 ton pulling.

ZEL1/S: A new alternative to the ZEL1 to combat chewing. A shorter, stronger version that retracts faster. It is 1.8 m long instead of 2.2m. This bungee needs to be hung really high (approx. 4 metres at the base from the ground). This way the elephant can only reach it with its trunk and not its mouth

ZEL8: Same details as per the ZEL1 but it includes an extended heavy duty mounting point for enrichment products. This extension prevents damage to the end of the bungee