Bas Bat Blaster Superlight Short Handle

by BAS
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  • The Blaster Superlight bat is handcrafted from the finest Grade 2 English Willow
  • The best of the grade 2 willow make the Blaster Superlight
  • 9 piece handle
  • Light-weight design with full body shape & slightly bowed
  • Blaster Superlight has slightly thinner edges to regular Player bat
  • Toe protector for better durability and to maintain moisture level
  • The Blaster Superlight bat comes with full length padded bat cover with adjustable strap
  • Available in size: Short Handle - 2.6lb
  • The new Blaster Superlight has been designed for ultimate bat speed and performance with its unique shape & make
  • Blaster Superlight provides enormous power due to suit back foot play whilst the redifined shape creates the speed required
    to be a front foot player