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Are you looking for the best black BJJ  Gi for kids?

BRAUS Fight offers a range of high-quality kids Jiu Jitsu Gi’s.  The Black Premier Jiu Jitsu Gi not only provides a lightweight and durable Gi option, it gives you the added benefit of a free bag in which to store your kit and other pieces of your BJJ gear.

For kids, training and competitions are tough enough without needing to worry about having issues with your kit.  The Premier Gi has been purpose-built for the modern BJJ practitioner.  It is made from some of the finest materials, such as premium cotton and pearl weave fabrics to provide comfort, in addition to being lightweight enough to be able to help you cut your weight if needed too. This material allows you to move freely, to be able to demonstrate your skills and techniques without any restrictions.

Product Features:

Gi Jacket
  • 100% Ultra-soft cotton for superior comfort
  • Ultra-lightweight Pearl Weave fabric
  • Printed design using high print- sublimation for maximum durability.
  • Extra reinforced and double stitched to support all the pressure of competition and hard training
Gi Pants
  • Reinforced stitching on key stress points
  • Made of high quality cotton and polyester

BRAUS Fight gives guaranteed customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products, impeccable customer service and the on-time delivery of you new black Jiu Jitsu Gi’s. Order your Black Premier Jiu Jitsu Gi + Bag today and experience the difference that a BRAUS Gi can make.

This Black Jiu Jitsu Gi is available in a range of different sizes for kids from 25-70 kg, and from 115-157 cm in height.  The entire line of kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi’s from BRAUS Fight conform to the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation standards and have been designed especially for the modern enthusiastic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete.

Kids Size Guide
C0000 95 – 105 12 – 18
C000 105 – 120 16 – 28
C00 115 – 130 25 – 35
C0 125 – 135 30 – 40
C1 130 – 140 35 – 45
C2 135 – 145 40 – 50
C3 140 – 155 45 – 55
C4 150 – 165 50 – 70

Please note that the above sizing chart is to be used as a guide only. If you are unsure on the best size to suit your body type, please contact us for assistance.


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