Braus Fight - Women’s Black Jiu Jitsu Pants – Ripstop

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Whether you are looking for a spare pair of black Jiu Jitsu pants for training, or simply replacing an old pair, BRAUS Fight will give you a great product at an affordable price.  Our entire range of BJJ wear is high-quality, and has been designed specifically for modern BJJ.

There is nothing more important than being in a complete and comfortable outfit during hard workouts, training, and fights. Finding the right fit and level of comfort keeps you going and helps you stay in the game.

For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners, Gi pants are an essential item.  With so many different brands in the market, BRAUS Fight offers you a pair of pants that will last and stand the test of tough training, competitions and time.

The black Jiu Jitsu Ripstop Pants are made with super light, quick-drying fabric that gives you maximum mobility, flexibility, and comfort for all kinds of movement.  They come in a range of different sizes and other colour options are also available.

BRAUS Fight offers you long lasting, high-quality products that are great value for your money. We provide impeccable customer service and on time delivery. So, when it comes to Jiu Jitsu Ripstop Pants, look no further because Black Jiu Jitsu Ripstop Pants from BRAUS look good, feel great and won’t let you down.

Size Guide
A0 160 – 172 55 – 75
A1 168 – 178 65 – 85
A2 173 – 185 75 – 105
A3 178 – 190 88 – 108
A4 183 – 195 98 – 118
A5 188 – 200 103 – 123
* Please note that the above sizing chart is to be used as a guide only. If you are unsure on the best size to suit your body type, please contact us for assistance
*Minimum 3 weeks delivery for all “out of stock” product
For purchases of 10 GIS or more, please get in touch for a quote through our ‘Retailers page’.