Datadart Orion Darts Smooth 20g - 90% Tungsten

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Datadart Orion Darts 20g – 90% Tungsten 

Orion smooth barrel darts are 90% tungsten barrels which feature a shaped billet design without grips. A great no nonsense dart which acts like a slick racing tyre as opposed to treaded for maximum tungsten to skin surface contact. With extra long points designed to avoid flights blocking the scoring area when darts are closely grouped, these are a true dart players dart.

  • 3 x Laser engraved Orion 90% Tungsten Shark Gripped Barrels.
  • 3 x Polycarbonate Glow Fade Shafts.
  • 3 x Orion 100 Micron Tough Flights.
  • 1 x Dart Snap-Lock Carry Case.

Weights available:      

Smooth Grip 20g - Length 50.42mm Width 5.99mm

Smooth Grip 22g - Length 50.36mm Width 6.24mm

Smooth Grip 24g - Length 50.37mm Width 6.37mm