Datadart Orion Darts Ringed 22g - 90% Tungsten


Datadart Orion Darts 22g – 90% Tungsten 

Orion Ringed Grip darts are 90% tungsten barrels equipped with front and rear ring grips and a central knurled section allowing for various grip styles. With extra long points designed to avoid flights blocking the scoring area when darts are closely grouped, these are a true dart players dart.

  • 3 x Laser engraved Orion 90% Tungsten Ring Gripped Barrels.
  • 3 x Polycarbonate Glow Fade Shafts.
  • 3 x Orion 100 Micron Tough Flights.
  • 1 x Dart Snap-Lock Carry Case.

Weights available:

Ringed Grip 22g - Length 50.10mm Width 6.98mm      

Ringed Grip 24g - Length 50.61mm Width 7.43mm      

Ringed Grip 26g - Length 52.80mm Width 7.40mm