Datadart Spectral Darts 27g - 90% Tungsten


Datadart Spectral Darts 27g - 90% Tungsten

Spectral is an elegant, premier quality dart combining traditional and modern cutting techniques to form multiple grip and reference points at the front, centre and rear of the barrel to suit players of varying trowing styles.

These darts come presented as follows:

  • 3 x Spectral Dart barrels, 90% tungsten.
  • 3 x Green Glow Fade shafts.
  • 3 x Spectral Flights.

Weights available  

23g - Length 50.1mm Width 6.8mm    

25g - Length 50.1mm Width 6.8mm    

27g - Length 49.9mm Width 7.2mm

Made in United Kingdom