Datadart Yakote Darts 22g - 90% Tungsten

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Datadart Yakote Darts 22g - 90% Tungsten

The Datadart Yokote dart is balanced and sleek, giving it a pleasing symmetry, with a gradual transition between the barrel and the point.

The all over grip has been designed and engineered for maximum feel and positive directional release and the front weighted bias promotes straightening of the dart on its way to the target.

These darts come presented as follows:

  • 3 x Yakote Dart barrels, 90% tungsten.
  • 3 x Red Glow Fade shafts.
  • 3 x 15ZRO 150 Micron Super Tough Flights.

Weights available  

22g - Length 50.1mm Width 6.9mm    

24g - Length 54.15m Width 6.8mm    

Made in United Kingdom