Diamond Air Mannequin Giant

by Diamond
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Air filled man can serve as a defender in a wall or be used for a variety of drills in place of a player. Easy to fill and inflate. Comes back upright after being knocked saving caoches from having to run over and reset the mannequin

  • Materials: Super tough nylon Casing with a high quality latex bladder
  • Size: 6ft 4
  • Base: Has option for both water or sand
  • Colours Available: (03) Red, (04) Blue

Updates to the air mannequin design:

  1. Airmen come unweighted and can be made ready for use in 2 different ways. The supplied rubber base can easily be filled with water to give a great rock about performance, or the supplied empty sandbag can be filled with approx 15kg of sand to give a more rigid effect.
  2. The new specialised valve has improved air retention qualities.
  3. A fast release valve enables the unit to be quickly deflated for those who need to pack the unit away.
  4. The toughest most practical product of its type anywhere. Please compare performance and longevity with other similar items.