Madison Foam Wedge

by Madison
Sold out

900mm x 750mm - High side 260mm / Low side 150mm

Our wedges are great for climbing up, sliding and rolling down. Assists with gross motor skill development, balance and coordination. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre allowing children to use their imagination to create their own fun activity.  They are made with 19/30 density foam and covered with 500gsm quality vinyl.  All our vinyl is UV Treated and Fire Retardant to Australian Standards and is easily cleaned.  

Care Instructions:

1.  Please handle product with care.  Pick up and store in protected area when not in use.  Dragging will damage product integrity.

2.  Please place product in shade.  Although vinyl is UV treated to Australian Standards, it will heat up in sun.

3.  Clean with a damp cloth.

4.  Product is not waterproof. 

5.  Zip toggles are removed intentionally so that children cannot open, so please do not try.