Wish Badminton Racquet- Master Pro 10000

by Wish
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  • The Master Pro series features Wish's famous Hot Melt technology which allows the resin to be precisely formulated increasing both the stiffness and strength of the racquet.
  • The Master Pro 10000 features a light head and a composition that is targeted toward giving players amazing control.
  • Frame Composition: 30T Hot Melt Graphite with Wish WOVEN fibres
  • Shaft Composition: 40T Hot Melt Graphite with Wish WOVEN fibres
  • Weight: 85g (+/– 1g)
  • Racquet Flexibility: Stiff
  • Balance: 290–295mm
  • Grip Size: G2
  • String Tension: 22–30lbs
  • Includes Full Racquet Case
  • Technology Explanation:
    • Hot Melt Technology: This technology is an advanced thermoplastic process that helps combine the carbon fibres and resin. It takes places under a high heat (120 Celsius). The result is a frame that has had its strength and stiffness increased by over 30% increasing the overall power and control of the racquet.
    • WOVEN Technology: WOVEN fibre is an advanced material, commonly found in airplane manufacture. By using this type of carbon fibre the racquets frame has enhanced strength and an increased resistance to torsion. The overall effect is 20% more strength and a 15% increase to string tension whilst reducing weight by about 10%.